The 10 best Central European restaurants in Switzerland (2023)

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What is the best Swiss restaurant in the world? ›

The world's best restaurant keeps its three stars

The Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville, in Crissier, near Lausanne, in Switzerland, grabbed the number one spot. A remarkable achievement.

Which country has the most best restaurants? ›

Which country has the best restaurants in the world? Italy has the most entries in the 2022 list, with six restaurants placing – including Lido 84 (number 8) and Uliassi (number 12).

What food is Zurich famous for? ›

Quintessential local dishes include "Zurcher geschnetzeltes" (Zurich-style sliced veal in gravy), "rosti" (shredded fried potatoes) and "burli" (crusty bread rolls). In addition to the city's predominantly German cuisine, Zurich offers several spots for authentic Swiss chocolate and cheese fondue.

How much does food cost in Switzerland? ›

Groceries in Switzerland may be more expensive than in your home country, particularly for meat and dairy. Expect to pay about CHF 15-25/kg for cheese, CHF 22/kg for ground beef, CHF 36/kg for chicken, CHF CHF 55-80/kg for steak (about $30-40/lb). In Switzerland, the main grocery chains are Migros and Coop.


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