Maryland natives ready to play bowling games (2023)

Multiple Maryland natives fill out the Terps' football roster and are expected to take part in the Foster Farms Bowl against Stanford on Dec. 30.

Several others will attend bowl games for Navy, West Virginia and Penn State.

Here's a look at other Marylanders around the country whose teams will be attending bowl games:

Idaho Potato Bowl Dec. 20: Western Michigan (8-4) vs. Air Force (9-3)

Western Michigan:Rookie running back Leo Ekwoge (Good advice)

Camellia Bowl Dec. 20: Bowling Green (7-6) vs. South Alabama (6-6)

Bowling Green:Redshirt-Junior-Wide-Receiver Ryan Burbrink (DeMatha)

Notable information:A three-year regular, Burbrink has caught 60 passes for 719 yards and three touchdowns this season. He's also Bowling Green's leading rusher, going 75 yards for a touchdown earlier this year.

Miami Beach Bowl am 22. Dezember: Memphis (9-3); BYU (8-4)

Memphis:Redshirt Junior Forward Offensive Lineman Taylor Fallin (Bowie), Redshirt Senior Offensive Lineman Defensive Larry Lawrence (Randallstown)

Notable information:The 6-foot-6, 325-pounder Fallin is in his second year as a starter for Memphis.

BYU:Junior-Verteidiger Sam Lee (Gwynn Park), Redshirt-Rookie-Linebacker Va'a Niumatalolo (Broadneck)

Notable information:Niumatalolo's father, Ken, is a chief instructor in the Navy.

Boca Raton Bowl Dec. 23: Marshall (12-1) vs. Northern Illinois (11-2)

Marshall:Redshirt-Rookie-Tight-End Deon-Tay McManus (Dunbar), Redshirt-Junior-Runningback Assani Mudimbi (Montgomery Blair), Rookie-Stürmer Jerome Dews (Potomac), Junior-Linebacker Shawn Petty (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Notable information:McManus has 24 receptions for 375 yards and five touchdowns. The former Dunbar star had four receptions for 41 yards and two touchdowns in Marshall's 26-23 win over Louisiana Tech in last weekend's Conference USA championship game.

Poinsettia Bowl a.m. Dec. 23: San Diego State (7-5) vs. San Diego State (7-5). San Diego State (7-5). Navy (6-5)

San Diego State:Rookie Quarterback Sal Jeppi (Archbishop Curley)

Bahamas Bowl Dec. 24: Western Kentucky (7-5) vs. Central Michigan (7-5)

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Kentucky Oidental:Junior-Quarterback Troy Jones (St. Paul's), Senior-Verteidiger DeVante Thomas (Edmonson)

Heart of Dallas Bowl Dec. 26: Illinois (6-6) vs. Louisiana Tech (8-5)

Illinois:Redshirt freshman defenseman Darwyn Kelly (H.D. Woodson)

Quick Lane Bowl Dec. 26: Rutgers (7-5) vs. North Carolina (6-6)

Rutgers:Redshirt senior offensive lineman Derrick Nelson (Archbishop Carroll), Redshirt senior linebacker Lorenzo Waters (DeMatha)

Notable information:Waters, a three-year starting safety, is third at Rutgers with 57 tackles. He has five tackles for a loss, two sacks, two interceptions and a forced fumble.

North Carolina:Sophomore Wide Receiver Mack Hollins (Wootten), Rookie-Stürmer Jared Cohen (McDonogh)

Notable information:The 6-foot-1, 200-pound former walk-on Hollins has 34 receptions for 611 yards and a team-high eight touchdowns. He averages 18 yards per catch. Hollins was North Carolina's special teams captain last season.

Bitcoin Bowl am December 26: North Carolina State (7-5) vs Central Florida (9-3)

State of North Carolina:Rookie-Cornerback Elliott Davis (Quince Orchard), Rookie-Defensive End Deonte Holden (DeMatha), Rookie-Tight-End Micah Till (Wise), Rookie-Cornerback Troy Vincent Jr.

Military Bowl am December 27: Virginia Tech (6-6) vs. Cincinnati (9-3)

Virginia Tech:Senior-Kicker Michael Branthover (DeMatha), Rookie-Wide-Receiver C.J. Carroll (Good Counsel), Cornerback Kendall Fuller (Good Counsel), Rookie Defensive End Melvin Keihn (Gilman), Wide Receiver Cam Phillips (DeMatha), Junior Corley (Πόλη)

Notable information:Phillips has 40 receptions for 498 yards and three touchdowns. Considered one of the best cornerbacks in the country, Fuller has 50 tackles, 14 pass breakups and an interception. Riley played in all 12 games at cornerback and started six games. He has 49 tackles, a sack, a forced fumble and two interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown during the Hokies' season-opening loss to Ohio State.

Sun Bowl am Dec. 27: Duke (9-3); Arizona State (9-3)

Duque:Redshirt Sophomore Defensive End Allen Jackson (McDonogh), Senior Defensive End Jonathan Jones (Westlake), Junior Running Back Eamonn Vain-Callahan (Severn)

Notable information:Jones is a backup linebacker who started five games midway through the regular season. He has 20 tackles and a sack.

Pinstripe Bowl Dec. 27: Boston College (7-5) vs. Penn State (6-6)

Boston College:Senior wide receiver Josh Bmapper (Century), sophomore cornerback John Johnson (Northwestern)

Notable information:As a quarterback, Bmapper leads Boston College in receptions with 26 and 342 receiving yards, and is tied for the team lead with three touchdown receptions. He is also one of two passers for 35 yards.

Holiday Bowl a.m. December 27: Nebraska (9-3) vs. USC (8-4)

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Nebraska:Redshirt football for starter Marcus Newby (Quince Orchard)

USC:Redshirt Calouro Defensive Tackle Kenny Bigelow (Eastern Christian Academy)

Russell Athletic Bowl on December 29: Clemson (9-3) vs. Oklahoma (8-4)

Clemson:Rookie Offensive Tackle Justin Falcinelli (Middletown), Rookie Rookie Dorian O'Daniel (Good Counsel)

Notable information:O'Daniel is listed as a contributor at Outside Linebacker. He has 26 tackles.

Oklahoma:Junior Defensive End Charles Tapper (Stadt)

Notable information:The six-foot, 250-pound tapper, who was a second-team All Big 12 selection his sophomore year last season, has started all 12 games this year. He has 36 tackles and three sacks.

Texas Bowl Dec. 29: Texas (6-6) vs. Arkansas (6-6)

Arkansas:Cornerback-Senior Carroll Washington (Έντμονσον)

Notable information:Washington has 17 tackles and an interception in 11 games. Started four games early in the season.

Music City Bowl am December 30: Notre Dame (7-5) vs. LSU (8-4)

Our Lady:Rookie Forward Sam Mustipher (Good Advisor)

LSU:Redshirt-Neuling-Quarterback Jake Clise (Loyola)

Belk Bowl Dec. 30: Louisville (9-3) vs. Georgia (9-3)

Louisville:Junior Offensive Lineman Kelby Johnson (DeMatha)

Agriculture:Redshirt sophomore running back Dominique Bryan (Georgetown Prep), redshirt sophomore offensive guard Greg Pike (Boys' Latin)

Notable information:The 5'11, 275-pound Pyke started all 12 games at right guard and helped the Bulldogs rush for 3,060 yards while averaging 6.1 yards per carry.

Foster Farms Bowl Dec. 30: Maryland (7-5) vs. Stanford (7-5)

Stanford:Rookie cornerback Alameen Murphy (friendly)

Fiesta Bowl on December 31: Arizona (10-3) – Boise State (11-2)

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Arizona:O Running Back Calouro Jonathan Haden (Friendship Collegiate Academy)

State of Boise:Sophomore Quarterback Thomas Stuart (Calvert Hall)

Dec. 31 Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech (10-3) vs. Mississippi State (10-2)

Georgia Tech:Redshirt sophomore defensive end Roderick Rook-Chungong (Good Tips)

Notable information:Rook-Chungong played in 11 games and started five. He has 15 tackles.

Mississippi State:Jahmere Irvin-Sills, Redshirt Defense Attorney (Eastern Christian Academy)

Outback Bowl am January 1: Wisconsin (10-3) vs. Auburn (8-4)

Wisconsin:Rookie Running Back Deal Taiwan (DeMatha), Redshirt Senior Lineman Rob Havenstein (Linganore), Redshirt Rookie Defensive Lineman Ash Fonjungo (DeMatha)

Notable information:The 6'1", 300-pound Havenstein is in his third year as a starter and helped Heisman finalist Melvin Gordon pass for 2,336 yards and 26 touchdowns. Havenstein was a second-team All-Big Ten selection last season.

Cotton Bowl Jan. 1: Baylor (11-1) vs. Michigan State (10-2)

Baylor:Junior Forward Jarell Broxton (Quince Orchard)

State of Michigan:Junior Guard Adam Brown (Atholton), Junior Linebacker Darien Harris (DeMatha), Rookie Quarterback Colar Kuhns (Δαμασκός)

Notable information:As an outside linebacker, Harris is fifth on the team with 47 tackles and has two forced fumbles and an interception.

Armed Forces Bowl am Jan. 2: Houston (7-5) vs. Pittsburgh (6-6)

Houston:Senior-Quarterback Billy Cosh (Arundel)

Pittsburgh:Rachid Ibrahim (Avalon), sophomore running back, redshirt sophomore linebacker Devon Porchia (Gilman)

Notable information:Ibrahim, a high school teammate of Maryland wide receiver Jacquille Veii, has rushed for 221 yards on 28 carries and has nine catches for 51 yards.

TaxSlayer Bowl Jan. 2: Iowa (7-5) vs. Tennessee (6-6)

Iowa:Junior Defensive Tackle Darian Cooper (DeMatha), Rookie-Linebacker Eric Grimm (Good Counsel), Rookie Defensive Back Marcel Joly (Forestville Military Academy), Junior Defensive Back Jordan Lomax (DeMatha), Red Freshman Linebacker Steve Manders (Archbishop Defensive Spalding), Rookie Quarterback Miles Taylor (Gonzaga), Rookie-Quarterback Omar Truitt (St. John's)

Notable information:Lomax is second on the team with 84 tackles and one interception.

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Tennessee:Redshirt sophomore defensive back Michael Williams (DeMatha)

Notable information:A former Maryland signee and brother of former Terp Madieu Williams, Williams made five starts and 23 tackles this season.

Alamo Bowl am Jan. 2: Kansas State (9-3) vs. UCLA (9-3)

Kansas State:Junior Wide Receiver Andre Davis (Dunbar)

UCLA:Redshirt-Sophomore-Quarterback Mike Fafaul (Loyola), Redshirt-Junior-Snapper Peter Hajimihalis (St. Paul's), Redshirt-Junior-Defensive Lineman Kevin McReynolds (St. John's)

Cactus Bowl Jan. 2: Oklahoma State (6-6) vs. Washington (8-5)

Oklahoma State:Senior Linebacker Josh Furman (Old Mill)

Notable information:Joining from Michigan, Furman is fourth on the team with 58 tackles, second with 12 tackles for a loss and second with six sacks. He also has an interception and a forced fumble.

Birmingham Bowl on January 3: Florida (6-5) vs. East Carolina (8-4)

ECU:Rookie defenseman Alex Evans (Springbrook)

GoDaddy Bowl Jan. 4: Toledo (8-4) vs. Arkansas State (7-5)

Toledo:Redshirt freshman quarterback Kennedy Frazier (Calvert Hall), senior quarterback Jordan Haden (Friendly), junior linebacker Tre James (City), sophomore quarterback Delando Johnson (Calvert Hall), sophomore quarterback Jordan Martin (Bishop McNamara), freshman cornerback Jamal Woodland ( Duval). )

Notable information:Haden started the first 10 games before suffering an abdominal injury. Johnson has 19 tackles as a backup quarterback. Martin has started seven games and has 23 tackles, including three for a loss and two pass breakups.

Sugar Bowl (College Football Playoff-Halbfinale) January 1: Alabama (12-1) vs. Ohio State (12-1)

Alabama:Senior-Stürmer Leon Brown (Parkdale), Junior-Cornerback Cyrus Jones (Gilman)

Notable information:Jones switched from wide receiver to cornerback after his rookie season in 2012. He started five games last season and 13 this year. He has 44 tackles, two interceptions, nine pass breakups, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. Brown is Alabama's starting right-handed point guard.

Rose Bowl (CFP-Halbfinale) am. January 1: Florida State (13-0) vs. Oregon (12-1)

State of Florida:Junior cornerback Ronald Darby (Potomac), rookie linebacker Rick Leonard (Middletown), rookie forward Brock Rubble (DeMatha)

Notable information:Darby, a former top draft pick, has been a starter since his rookie season in 2012. ranks Darby as the fourth-best pro prospect among junior cornerbacks and views him as a future second-round pick. The 6-foot-1, 195-pound Darby has 37 tackles, four pass breakups and a forced fumble this year.


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