How much does it cost to buy a cow? 2023 Cattle Prices | The best farm animals (2023)

I've been thinking about raising a few cows on my extra 3.5 acres of land. But first I wanted to know how much it would cost me to buy a cow, so I did some research. Since then, I've spent a lot of time tracking cow costs over the years.

How much will cows cost in 2023?Typically, a cow costs between $2,100 and $5,100 per cow. The average price is close to US$3,000 per adult cow. However, the actual cost depends on weight, gender and race. Foals sell for between $850 and $1,550. Cows also differ in price depending on whether they are dairy or beef cows. Bulls sell for more than cows.

Cows can be sold at a fixed rate per cow or based on cow weight. Also for sale are pairs of cows and calves, which can cost less than individual animals. Let's explore some of the differences between cows and their prices.

bovine meatcost cowsmore than dairy cows. This is especially true for oxen. Bottle calves can cost as little as $50-$100, while yearlings often range from $800-$1000. Dairy cows typically cost around $3000, but beef bulls can sell for as much as $4000-$5000 when fully mature. As a cow gains weight, the average cost per pound goes down, but the total price goes up because the cow weighs so much more.

  • Bottle fed calves (calves) $50-$100
  • Dairy foals average $550
  • Veal Veal $800 to $1,000
  • Mature beef costs upwards of $1,000 depending on weight
  • Dairy cows cost between $800 and $3,000 to produce
  • Older dairy cows $800-$1,500

Graph of Cow Cost by Weight

Cow cost typeaverage weightcalculationCost
sacrificing cows1200 pounds$75 for 100 pounds$ 900
cows raised800 pounds$165 for 100 pounds1.320 $
drive the calves550 pounds$155 for 100 pounds$ 850
bois1200 pounds$140 for 100 pounds1.680 $
the calf520 pounds$145 for 100 pounds$ 755
heifers for slaughter1,000 pounds$130 for 100 pounds1.300 $

How much do calves cost?

Age, race, gender and purpose affect thecost of a cowA day old calf requires more work and needs to be bottle fed. These are usually $35 to $50 per calf. They also have a higher mortality rate, with around half of calves dying.

A yearling cow that is 4-6 months old is more stable and costs more. One-year-old beef costs between US$650 and US$750 per calf. Older calves cost more depending on weight. A dairy cow can cost anywhere from $450 to $600 per calf.

  • Carne: US$ 700
  • Dairy foals: $550
  • Older calves $800-900 depending on weight

How much is a cow worth?

Heifers typically cost around $2,500 to $3,000 per head, with an average price of $2,800 per cow. The cost of a calf is usually based on the weight of the calf. CWT is the unit of measure for the price of cows and represents 100 pounds. The cwt for onekuh beatranges from $135 to $165. That's an average of $140 per 100 pounds. A 500-pound calf would cost around $700.

pregnant heifersit cost just over 1.5 times the cost of a heifer. Buying a pregnant heifer would cost about $1,300. Adult cows can cost between $4,000 and $5,000 per cow. An adult cow can weigh up to 2,200 pounds and cost up to $1.85 CWT.

  • Calves: $800
  • Ground beef BRL 1,300
  • Heifer and calf combo $2,000
  • Adult beef cow: US$3,000 to US$5,000

What is the best beef cow to raise?

The most popular beef cow in the United States is the Black Angus. They require little care during the whelping season. However, Black Angus is not the only great beef cow available. Take a look at these varieties.

(Video) [S3E4] Farmer Panel: Cattle Market Outlook for 2023 & Beyond

angus negro: Marbled meat, low maintenance

Charolais: Heavier cattle, thicker fur in winter

Herford:Early maturity, excellent fattening qualities, docile, also good milkers.

simental list:Easy during childbirth, fattening

Roter Angus:Marbled and tender meat

Longhorn do Texas: It has horns, survival cows.

Highland: Thick coat very suitable for very cold climates, lean and marbled meats

How much does it cost to buy a cow? 2023 Cattle Prices | The best farm animals (1)

How much does a dairy cow cost?

The value of a dairy cow ranges from $900 to $3,000. This range is based on one-year costs for a proven family cow. Calves or calves are significantly cheaper to buy than adult cows. Furthermore, a cow that wasbottled or created by handthey cost more because they are people friendly and easier to have in the family.

  • Jersey cows can cost from $1,400 to $1,800
  • Cows sold by weight typically cost between $1.05 and $1.35 per pound.
  • Heifers are cheaper than farm cows, ranging from $500 to $1,000
  • Lactating dairy cows typically cost between $1,500 and $2,100
  • Domesticated, bottle-fed, or hand-raised cows usually cost more because they are used to close human contact.

What are the best dairy cows to buy?

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  • swiss brown: Tame cows, one of the oldest types of milk
  • Shirt:Smaller cow, richer milk
  • Guernsey:lesser cow
  • Right:Smaller dairy cows are also used for meat.
  • Herford:Early maturing, docile, good milkers too
  • Holstein:Popular for dairy cows including large beef cows
How much does it cost to buy a cow? 2023 Cattle Prices | The best farm animals (2)

Where can I buy a cow?

You have many options where you can buy a cow.Local farmers may be willing to sell you a below market prices. Dairy producers often sell male cows at a lower price because they are not needed for milk production. Not only can you find a nearby farmer ready for sale, but you can also order and buy a cow online. Several places offer cow sales, including the following sites:

There are also local auctions across the country. If you are looking to auction a cow, be sure to bring someone in the know to determine if a given cow has any potential problems.

How much does a cow cost per year?

Cows typically cost between $550 and $1,000 a year to keep. In 2023, you should expect to pay around $1,000 to $1,500 due to rising feed costs. This includes your diet and care. A cow costs less if it produces its own fodder or if it has more acres to feed the cow with grass. A single cow requires between 2 and 5 acres per cow to feed on grass.

Cows generally need 30 to 40 pounds* of hay per day for beef cows. Actively milking cows can eat up to 100 pounds per day of blended feed. If you need to buy hay most of the year, forage will cost between $1,300 and $2,000 a year. If you can grow your own forage or have enough land for the cow's grazing needs, a cow will only cost you $200-300 a year.

Other costs to consider include:

  • Cereals, hay, alfalfa
  • corn, oats and barley
  • know accounts
  • Minerals and other dietary supplements
  • Other necessities such as halters, equipment, etc.
  • creation costs

* Cows eat 2.6% of their weight every day. That means they eat about 24 to 26 pounds a day of dry hay. But there is usually 15% waste. It's best to plan for around 36 pounds of hay per cow per day until you figure out the best way to minimize hay waste.

In 2022, a ton of silage hay bales cost $175 per bale. Grass hay costs $280 per ton. Alfalfa hay (for pregnant or lactating cows) costs between US$400 per ton of bale, depending on the alfalfa cut. In 2023, prices are already rising due to severe droughts in the western US and rising fertilizer and fuel costs.

How much does it cost to buy a cow? 2023 Cattle Prices | The best farm animals (3)

Frequently asked questions about cow costs:

How much does it cost to have a cow in your garden?It costs about $25 to $30 a day in feed if you buy it at a feed store, but you may need to buy additional equipment if you have a cow in your backyard. A bull eats 15 to 20 pounds of feed, while a dairy cow eats up to 35 pounds of feed per day (more when different feeding options are combined).

Additionally, you must have a way to keep your cow safe, contained, and healthy. You need a barbed wire fence to contain it. Grooming your cow in the backyard will cost you $300 and up.

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How much does it cost to slaughter a cow?If you pay to have your cow slaughtered, it can cost up to $100. There are several costs associated with slaughtering a cow, including the cost of slaughtering, slaughtering and preparing the meat. The carcass must be slaughtered and prepared for consumption.

The hanging meat weight is the weight of the butcher's raw meat. The cost of preparing meat is based on the weight of the hanging meat and not the final weight of the prepared meat. Slaughter usually costs about $0.55 per pound of hanging meat weight.

Will I save money on meat costs to raise a cow?You won't save money if you eat mostly cheaper cuts like hamburgers or pot roast. Save money if you mostly like to eat higher quality cuts like those used for steaks or filets.Meat consumption can be divided into two categories: major and minor.

If you raise your own meat, all meat is calculated as a cost per pound. According toUniversity of Wyoming, create your own meat costs $4.10 a pound. That means at an average cost of $2.99 ​​for less expensive cuts of meat, you're spending $1.11 more per pound. However, the highest cuts save an average of $8.44 per pound, saving you $4.34 per pound. If you can average out the cost of the whole cow and eat the whole cow, you'll save $240 a year on beef. This represents a consumer cost of $2,081 for 450 pounds of beef and a cost of $1,845 for the same meat in a breeding cow.

retail coststotal costcost increasetotal cost
Low end cuts (315 lbs.)2,99 $941,85 $4,10 $1.291,50 $
High Quality Cuts (135 pounds)8,44 $1.139,404,10 $553,50 $
How much does it cost to buy a cow? 2023 Cattle Prices | The best farm animals (4)
How much does it cost to buy a cow? 2023 Cattle Prices | The best farm animals (5)
How much does it cost to buy a cow? 2023 Cattle Prices | The best farm animals (6)

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