Discuss two advantages when multicellular organisms have some specialized cells instead of all cells (2023)

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answer 1

One benefit is evolution. If one of the specialized cells is better than the other, over time it will replace the less efficient one. If all cells were the same, organisms could not adapt and evolve in different environments.

Another advantage is that your body can become more complex with specialized cells. This complexity can lead to cellular ecosystems in which cells can form symbiotic relationships with other cells. For example we humans. We are a symbiotic relationship between many different types of cells.
Our lungs are able to support our muscles, which in turn enhances our strength. Our heart pumps blood, which supplies other organs and muscles with oxygen. Etc

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answer 2


1) Skin cells protect the weakest and most important cells

2) Make the multicellular organism stronger than others, giving it and/or an advantage over predators.

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Telophase 1 is the final stage of mitosis and the second phase of meiosis, when the spindle disappears and the nuclear envelope is reformed around each set of chromosomes.
These: www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/telophase

In Youtube search
Bozeman Science. Watch the video titled Stages of Mitosis. It's 10 minutes. Mr. Anderson
he is a teacher in Montana. A good channel for kids. I have
I have been watching this channel since 2012.

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Discuss two advantages when multicellular organisms have some specialized cells instead of all cells? ›

Specialized cells have the ability to function efficiently as it is differentiated to only perform that function. Another is that once a cell of a multicellular organism dies, there are other cells that can replace it.

What are the benefits of multicellular organisms having some specialized cells? ›

Cell specializations make it possible to express fewer genes in individual cells of multicellular organisms, thus protecting genes from the damage of mutagens.

What are the benefits of multicellular organisms having some specialized cells rather than all the cells being the same? ›

Multicellular organisms thus have the competitive advantages of an increase in size without its limitations. They can have longer lifespans as they can continue living when individual cells die. Multicellularity also permits increasing complexity by allowing differentiation of cell types within one organism.

Which two of the following are advantages benefits of being multicellular? ›

Answer and Explanation: In advantage of multicellularity is the ability of the organism to absorb more nutrients, be more stable and an increase potential for mobility. With a organism being multicellular, it's able to exceed normal size limits that hinder single cell organisms.

What are 3 specialized cells in multicellular organisms? ›

Three of the many specialized cell types in animals include red blood cells, muscle cells, and skin cells.

What are some advantages of being multicellular quizlet? ›

The advantage of a multicellular organism over a unicellular organism is that multicellular organisms can grow to virtually any size because the cells integrate their activities and are permanently associated with one another.

What are the advantages of having specialized cells are there any disadvantages? ›

Advantage: Each cell has a different shape that allows it to perform a specific task in order to contribute towards the overall function of the organism. Disadvantage: Multicellular organisms require more energy to feed to multiple cells.

What are the 3 benefits of being multicellular? ›

Some of the advantages of organisms being multicellular as opposed to being unicellular are:
  • They are much bigger. This is a very obvious advantage, but multicellular organisms are able to grow much larger than a one-called organism.
  • They live longer lives. ...
  • They have systems that help them work much more effectively.

What are 2 disadvantages of being multicellular? ›

Following are the disadvantages of multicellularity: A multicellular organism needs more food than unicellular organsism because it needs more energy. In multicellular organisms, cells are organized into tissues and tissues are further organised into organs. So, if one organ fails, then whole organism can fail.

What are 2 examples of specialized cells? ›

Specialised animal cells include red blood cells, sperm, eggs, nerve cells, muscle cells, ciliated cells, and villi.

How do multicellular organisms have specialized cells? ›

In multicellular organisms cells differentiate and specialize to form tissues which cooperate to form organs such as brains, kidneys, hearts, stomachs, and lungs.

What are 3 examples of specialized cells and what is the function of each? ›

Key Term: Ciliated Cells
Specialized CellSpecial StructureFunction
Red blood cellBiconcave shape, hemoglobinCarries oxygen and carbon dioxide
Nerve cellSpecial cell membrane extensions (i.e., dendrite)Transmits signals
Ciliated cellHairlike ciliaMoves and circulates fluids
3 more rows

How are multicellular organisms more efficient? ›

Answer: Multicellular organisms are more efficient in its functioning because labour is divided among the cells and have great capacity to survive than unicellular organisms.

What are some advantages of being multicellular brainly? ›

Having a complex cell structure means that an organism will have multiple cells that perform many different functions. Having multiple cell structures can help an organism develop strength and intelligence.

What are two advantages and disadvantages of specialization? ›

Advantages and Disadvantages of Work Specialization:
1Defined skill setBecomes outdated
2Upward growthMastering one skill set
3Good packageOmitted from managerial positions
4Defines quality and excellenceGets boring
5Brings in trustCannot multitask
12 more rows

What is the disadvantage of having specialized cells? ›

In multicellular cells, due to specialization, regeneration ability is very less. In order to carry out specific activities, sometimes specialized cells may lose their vital functions, e.g. RBCs, sieve tube cells.

Why do specialized cells do different things instead of everything? ›

The cell types in a multicellular organism become different from one another because they synthesize and accumulate different sets of RNA and protein molecules. They generally do this without altering the sequence of their DNA.

Why is it an advantage for plants to be multicellular? ›

Having a complex cell structure means that a plant will have multiple cells that perform many different functions. This means that a single cell does not need to perform all of the functions required to survive and instead works in harmony with millions of other cells.

What are the advantages of simple multicellularity? ›

Advantages of simple multicellularity

One selective advantage is that multicellularity helps organisms avoid getting eaten. A number of experiments using single-celled green algae and exposure to a single cell predator have demonstrated the selection pressure for multicellularity.


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