Creative desk storage ideas when you think all is lost (2023)

Creative desk storage ideas when you think all is lost (1)

The digital age has brought with it some promises that it may not have kept. Especially for office workers, this was the new era of cloud computing.means less desktop clutter. And yet, clutter piles up on even the most tidy desks. There's still hope, even for those with limited desk space. You might consider implementing one of the many useful desktop storage ideas that can help you organize and save what's left of your sanity.

Why You Desperately Need Desktop Storage

A massive lack of desktop storage is a very real problem. If you shop for desks at stores like Staples, Office Depot, or even Amazon, you'll find that many modern and popular office desks lack storage space.

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Modern desks tend to be visually appealing, but are designed with minimalist functionality in mind. However, this sleek and modern design often ignores the urgent need for space that is common in most offices. Your desk probably houses more than just a computer and pencil holder. You might as well have a printer and scanner, a stapler, paperwork and tons of important documents hitting your desk on a regular basis.

It is still possible to buy office desks with drawers and space for storage. However, you will find that more traditional office desks often cost a lot more than some modern designs. Therefore, it is better to combine a modern and affordable desktop style with a variety of desktop storage accessories.

There are four main actions you should take to improve your desktop storage:

  1. Clean your desktop (before you have memory)
  2. speech on table surface
  3. under table storage
  4. Desktop Storage / Desktop Storage

There are simple desktop storage solutions you can implement that will give you extra storage space on your desk, under your desk, or above/on top of your desk. What you choose may depend on the size and layout of your desktop, as well as the location and configuration of your desktop.

1. Required Step: Clear Your Desk Before Getting Storage Space

Whilemarie kondoShe can be very pushy at times when it comes to getting rid of items, but she has a very good spot for tidying up. Her method was to sort by category first, rather than just throwing out everything you see. Her cleaning strategy uses five categories: clothing, books, papers, sundries, and sentimental items.

Chances are you don't have a lot of clothes lying around your table, but you might have a lot of other items that fit into the other Kondo categories. Our Marie Kondo-inspired table cleaning categories include:

  • Office equipment and accessories
  • important documents
  • unimportant documents
  • books
  • Miscellaneous (cables, ropes, bobbleheads, aquariums, etc.)

Your desk might have the space you need, but it's hidden under a mountain of clutter you don't. Plus, you'll find it hard to put desktop storage on your desk if you haven't spent some time tidying it up first. We're not going to point an accusatory finger, but we're office people. We saw some pretty messy tables full of items that could probably be moved or thrown away to make better use of the space.

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As you sort, look through each category of items to determine what you need and what you don't, as well as which items you use regularly and which items you touch infrequently to justify keeping them on your desk or stocking up. somewhere

For example, you might have a printer/scanner on your desk, but you can only use it once in a blue moon. It could be an item that you keep in a cupboard somewhere and only remove when absolutely necessary to print or scan it. Alternatively, you can place the printer under your desk if it will be used regularly and will take up valuable desk space.

The same applies to paper documents. Only a few documents need to have a permanent place on your desk. Infrequently used documents should be thrown away when they are no longer useful to you, while important documents that you need for future reference can be archived. You may want to use multiple filing systems for easy access to the documents you use regularly, but you probably don't need a permanent stack of documents to take up space on your desk.

Creative desk storage ideas when you think all is lost (4)

After cleaning up, you should consider which of the following desktop storage options would best suit your office desk layout.

2. Consider some desktop storage ideas

You should treat your entire desk area like valuable property. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, it might contain items or materials that you use often or need quick access to when you need them.

There are some desktop storage ideas that can help you use your desk space more efficiently.

Use a monitor stand

Although laptops are becoming more popular, desktop computers still play an important role in offices. Whether you have an all-in-one or a traditional desktop with a tower and monitor, you should definitely consider using a monitor stand.

This is one of the best desktop storage ideas for your desk. Why?

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monitor standYou can increase the usable desktop space by up to 50% (depending on the desktop size). The space available under the monitors provides space for various office supplies and equipment.

Office monitor stands can also position your monitor at a more ergonomic height and angle. It's a secondary but important benefit when you're in front of your computer for long hours.

Use an office supplies organizer

Office supplies like pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, staplers and sticky notes can take up a lot of space on your desk. Even if your desk has drawers, storing all those items in one drawer might free up desk space, but it might not be an efficient use of drawer space.

You might want to consider asupplies organizer, such as B. Delivery truck. Some sit on your desk with lots of small compartments for different types of accessories. Others are designed to hang on your desk but are easy to access. Whichever you choose, a storage compartment can greatly reduce the clutter on your desk and make your desk drawers more useful.

Use a paper tray organizer

One of the most popular office desk storage ideas, paper file organizers are a great way to manage your paperwork. You should get rid of all the documents you don't need rather than just moving them into your paper tray organizer as paper tray organizers can get really messy too.

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You need to be very selective about the type of paper tray organizer you use. It's best to opt for metal over plastic, and you may want to avoid stackable plastic paper trays. These plastic lids tend to crack at the joints, rendering the lid unusable.

3. Consider some under-desk storage ideas

The area under your desk can be one of the least used spaces for office storage. You can maximize that space and still make sure there's enough room to move your feet without tripping or knocking anything over.

Remember that the area under your desk may be underused, but you still have limited space. You may need to be extremely picky about the type of under-desk storage you use.

traditional file cabinet

A traditional file cabinet may be just what you need under your desk, depending on how your desk is set up. Many modern office desks have enough space to easily fit a small file cabinet underneath to save space.

Creative desk storage ideas when you think all is lost (7)

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The benefit of a traditional filing cabinet is that it can free up space in your space currently occupied by piles of paper. It's also a great alternative to paper trays on your desk. You can also easily reach under your desk and into your file cabinet for important documents without having to move around the office.

hanging storage boxes

If your desk doesn't have drawers,hanging storage boxesThey're a great, quick way to create easy-to-access drawer space. The main compartment can be secured under your desk with screws or clipped onto your desk top.

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There are different types of hanging storage boxes. Some have drawer compartments, others use a fully open design that's good for paper storage.

cape tray organizer

Cable management can not only help free up desk space, but also improve the appearance of your desktop. If you're not sure how to organize your cable clutter, a cable storage tray might be the way to go.

Creative desk storage ideas when you think all is lost (9)

There are several styles and types of cable management trays and boxes. Many clip to your desk and hang over the side to keep cables in place but also out of sight. Others are designed to sit on your desk but keep your cables securely but out of sight.

Headphone stand under the table

If you regularly use headphones at your desk, you can leave them on your desk when you're not using them. Instead, you can install aheadphone holderunder your desk.

Creative desk storage ideas when you think all is lost (10)

This simple hook accessory hangs under your desk to hold your headphones. You can place it within arm's reach to keep your headphones out of sight, but always within reach when you need them. This is one of our favorite desk storage ideas, especially if you use your headphones a lot at work.

4. Consider some above-the-desk or desk storage ideas

If you need good office storage but don't want anything above or below your desk, consider adding storage above your desk. There aren't a lot of options here, but what there is might want what you need.

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wall shelf

You might want to add a wall shelf above your desk. This is a great option for home office workers, where this type of setup is more likely.

Creative desk storage ideas when you think all is lost (11)

Wall mounted shelving is much less restrictive than desk or under desk storage. You can install shelves as large or as small as you like. You can also create custom shelvesvisual style and aestheticswhat do you want

Alternatively, you might want something less permanent. In that case, you might want to install self-adhesive shelves or wall hooks. Please note that this type of wall shelf has very low weight limits. Additionally, adhesive backings can peel over time and under certain environmental conditions (for example, high heat or humidity). If you go this route, make sure your valuable computer equipment isn't directly under whatever you're wall mounting.

Office shelving (or standard shelving)

These are options to explore if you are not familiar with or cannot use some type of wall mounted storage.

Desk shelving sits on four legs on your desk, with the main compartment providing space for shelves above your desk. This type of furniture is usually designed to take up as little desk space as possible, but remember that by design it should take up some space on your desk. However, depending on how you use it, it can save you a lot of space compared to other forms of desktop storage.

Since we are talking about bookshelves, it makes sense to mention the use of a standard bookcase. (Although I don't factor in desktop storage.) This is one of the tried and true desktop storage ideas. You really can't go wrong with adding a standard bookshelf next to your office desk.

Creative desk storage ideas when you think all is lost (12)

Finally, remember to use desktop storage

Once you've given your table the "Marie Kondo" treatment, you'll find it easier to use the tabletop storage ideas listed above. All that's left is the hardest part: remembering to use desktop storage.

Try to make your desktop storage a regular part of your daily activities. For example, you could try spending a few minutes each night putting items in the correct boxes.

If your desk is cluttered again and you can't find more space, you'll need to rethink how you use your current storage space. and never doubtonly recycled eggeverything you don't need.

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