10 HR Best Practices to Create Better Workplaces in 2023 (2023)

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Best HR practices lead to greater organizational performance and ensure maximum employee satisfaction and ongoing collaboration.

Over the years, many HR practices. H H. They've been tried and tested against some basic principles that turn people into resources. But the Corona pandemic has changed the way we used to live and work. Even after the crisis is over, it can permanently change the way people work. That's when HR departments also need to update their policies for a post-COVID world.

In this article, we outline 10 HR best practices so you can easily determine which areas your HR team should focus on in 2023 and beyond. You'll also get some real examples of big brands doing their best in HR.

What is the definition of Human Resources Best Practices?

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It is a set of human resource activities and principles that work universally to achieve a competitive objective, regardless of the type of organization or industry.

Employees are a company's most valuable resource, which must be managed and empowered seamlessly. This responsibility rests primarily with the Human Resources department who have led them through the implementation of effective Human Resources policies.

Employees are a company's greatest asset: they are its competitive advantage. You want to attract and keep the best; Encourage them, encourage them and make them feel an integral part of a company's mission.

Anne Mulcahy, BusinessWire

While every company has unique needs, there are some basic human resource practices and principles. These guidelines must be followed by any good business to ensure its growth. Basically, it's important to define basic HR goals that revolve around the overall purpose of the company. So you can easily set up strategic personnel management.

What are the "best fit" and "best practices" in human resource management?

According to HRM research, there are two different approaches to managing people in a company.

  • The most appropriate approach implies that HR policies must align with business strategy to be profitable. This means that human resources must be oriented towards the needs of the company, as well as those of its employees.
  • The best practices approach states that there is a specific set of universal HR activities that help organizations gain a competitive advantage, regardless of the organizational or industry environment (Redman & Wilkinson, 2009).

In simple terms, the best solution is an emergency approach, while the best practice is a universal approach. The first starts from the premise that the most effective HR policies are selected. While the practices depend on an adequate adaptation to the environment of the organization.

Often, companies prefer a mixed model of best fit and best practices, as success is really in the middle and both also have drawbacks.

Top 10 HR practices in 2023

We know how the coronavirus pandemic has transformed companies and work culture. Perhaps employee expectations have also changed in many ways. The 2023 HR Best Practices should reflect these changes in your policies.

Here are some HR best practices to follow to serve the workforce of the future.

1. Set up a friendly workspace

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Make sure employees feel comfortable in their work as they can spend most of their productive time in their workspaces. focus on heremotional health and safety issues. They must feel that there is someone who listens to their problems and works to improve them.

In this particular year, people are going through a tough time. As an admin, it's your duty to calm your teammates with powerful actions.create meaningful relationshipsThis will minimize your stress and anxiety. It makes them productive again.

You can have routine one-on-one control conversations. So that people can have the opportunity to open up. Still, leaders can look for signs of stress. Monthly or quarterly meetings or surveys can also be effective.

2. No hiding

In these uncertain timesEmployees are in a quandary.with your future. Transparency is essential to ease their anxiety and give them confidence. Employers can help by sharing regular company updates along with the plan for the future. Remember that the way leaders behave in difficult times leaves a lasting impression on the company's culture.

Also, feel free to share leads and other relevant business information with the team. Build trust and emphasize employees' intellectual responsibility for their work. As a result, as leaders, they are committed to achieving the company's objective.

3. Provide job security

pandemic of covid-1It affects businesses and economies around the world. There are a variety of stressors that we are all exposed to to varying degrees. Probably the biggest is job insecurity.

Job security is a type of security against uncertainty that gives employees a reason to work for the company. This guarantee has two parts that include the formal payment for the work. On the other hand, the informal part contains facilities such as incentives, gratuities, support related to vacations, etc.

Job security helps employee retentionwhich also reduces the costs associated with training, education and establishment. Most HR has only one concern in this regard. Because when job security is at stake, employees move too fast. This jeopardizes the stability of the company and affects the growth rate.

4. Recruit the best suit

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Recruitment is a gateway to HR best practices. Without the best recruiting, the company cannot succeed.

HR can recruit any pair except the oneThe best suit can improve the aim.Performance. Statistics show that a perfectly compliant employee is approximately 400% more efficient than an average compliant employee. The percentage may vary from industry to industry or company to company, but the facts are the same.

Out there, HR employs thousands of structured and unstructured techniques to find the best match. However, there are some common elements that HR looks at for skills, dedication, skills, dedication, teamwork and an invincible mindset.

5. Build a self-motivated, high-performing team

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Teamwork is the key to successwhile the team players are metal. The high-performing team is always successful as teammates make different contributions towards achieving a common goal. This post contains new ideas, executions and a lot of work.

A self-motivated team is psychologically strong and decisive. Thus, situations of overcoming obstacles improve.

In these teams, the information is accurate and the execution is excellent. Team meetings also end with fruitful discussions and guidance for future activities. Differentproject management software, feedback mechanisms and instant communication applications are very useful for managing teams.

6. Fair Review Policy

A fair evaluation system is an important factor in ensuring job satisfaction. Fair performance-based evaluation reduces dissatisfaction and binds people to companies, not bosses.

In addition, the fair assessment could be a pay raise or a job benefit (job enhancement or additional accommodation). It can also be a team or individual level based on your performance and contribution to goal achievement. These incentives, job promotions, bonuses, facilities, etc. influence the construction of employee ownership.

7. Create effective training programs

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Human Resources always uses training as one of the feweffective staff development tools. Human resources should plan for different levels of training, which may include introductory, job-specific, in-service, and refresher training.

Introductory training is mainly conducted for new or newly hired employees to choose the best suit. Job-specific training begins as soon as Human Resources identifies the best fit. This part is more relevant to knowing what to do and how to do it, which aligns with the business objective. In addition, Human Resources can organize on-the-job training to introduce new trends and techniques.

Refresher training is something that reminds you of all forgotten items. Typically, the human resources department organizes refresher courses for employees who have made repeated mistakes or who come into the office after an extended vacation. If you're considering bringing your employees back to the physical office, refresher training can be effective in relaxing them.

8. Accessibility to Relevant Information

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Property doesn't grow without keeping up with things. Access to relevant information will help youemployees to optimize workflowwith the main objective of the company. It also increases your loyalty to the organization.

Therefore, HR must ensure a smooth transfer of information from management to relevant parties. In that case, any automated system can help you restrict employee access based on their user role.

9. Effective 360 ​​degree discussion

An idea can conquer the world. Regardless of position, an employee can generate something out of the box. Dynamic HR systems always create a mechanism that receives ideas from the employee.

Research shows that the best cost-cutting ideas come from field workers who know more about waste.

You might be surprised that large organizations implement monthly or quarterly reward schemes to recognize ideas through monetary benefits and/or certifications. This motivates employees to think for themselves and contribute to achieving goals.

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10. Delight employees with surprises

Humans love surprises. Sometimes small surprises increase performance by a factor of 100. With that in mind, a great HR department always does something innovative to educate its employees. You can wish birthdays, anniversaries or special moments. In fact, it can also be a recognition of your excellence. These activities are important to show your gratitude to your employees.

Nowadays, the HR department organizes events from small to large to celebrate special moments of employees, with the delivery of cards, cakes, gift certificates, etc. Also, you can surprise all your employees together on BIG days like Christmas and New Year. In addition, involving families in these celebrations can increase employee satisfaction and commitment to the company.

special note:In digitized organizationsHuman resource modules are an effective toolto commemorate these events and measure employee performance.

How will HR best practices change in 2023?

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In the past year, we've seen an increase in depression, anxiety, PTSD, and domestic violence. A survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 45% of American adults say the pandemic has affected their mental health, and 19% say it has had a "big impact."

Mental health provider Ginger conducted a survey of employees worldwide and found that 69% of employees have experienced the most stressful period of their careers due to the coronavirus, and 88% have experienced moderate to extreme stress in the past four to six weeks.

Everyone is in trouble this time, including your team. And there are no signs that the crisis is abating. It must also have a long-term impact on our society. Every company should reconsider its business operations in the context of these facts. Entrepreneurs or executives are more likely to transform their work culture in order to boost their morale.

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Introductory training is mainly conducted for new or newly hired employees to choose the best suit. Job-specific training begins as soon as Human Resources identifies the best fit. This part is more relevant to knowing what to do and how to do it, which aligns with the business objective. Support for job-specific trainingDalösungen augmented reality trainingscan help reduce training time and costs and effectively combine learning with work.

Bonus: Companies with the best HR practices

Here we take a look at some of the top companies withbest HR strategy:


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Google is the world's most popular search engine, headquartered in Mountain View, CA, USA. As per their philosophy, they need to focus on building a great work culture so they can hire the best talent. The company has effective human resource policies in place to build a strong workplace culture.

Google makes incredible facilities available to its employees, including a seven-acre sports complex, three wellness centers, indoor roller hockey rinks, horseshoe pits and subsidized massages for all. Their main motto is to recruit the best talent and then use the right tools to gradually develop happier and more productive employees.

Google's human resources department also relies on employee retention. They ensure adequate incentives and ideal positions for the company to attract and retain the best talent. Leveraging these HR efforts, Google's leadership is dominating the industry.


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Cadbury is the second largest candy factory in the world. But when it comes to people management, nobody beats Cadbury. This company has established a culture that combines positivity and work-life balance. They not only value their employees, but also care about their families.

Cadbury has maintained its workers' village and R&D factories since its founding in 1824. The village provides all the facilities for its employees and their families to live and work. They founded this company believing that people come first. And stay connected to this philosophy that always keeps you at the forefront of human resource management.


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Nissan is another great example of effective human resources. This company combined the most renowned Japanese manufacturing techniques with British productivity. The technique is called Kaizen. Encourages the workforce to continually improve their work process. Nissan follows this philosophy when hiring production workers. First, each employee is hired on the basis of their talent, and then they are encouraged to push the boundaries. This allows them to shine above the rest.

Nissan's HR practices also include transparent pay scales and all workers are well paid. Additionally, leaders have complete flexibility to nominate and build their own teams. This gives you a clear understanding and solid overview of your team's strengths and weaknesses. With these unique human resource principles, Nissan is a leader in the automotive industry.

find out howWP Project Managercan help you establish the best HR strategy for your company.

Simplify your HR management practice with the right HR tool

Human resource management (HRM) studies have been an area of ​​interest for researchers for several decades. From developed to developing countries, people have noticed that HR practices have a significant impact on company performance. You need to manage and govern your corporate culture to ensure maximum productivity.

However, just recruiting and retaining employees is not enough for the modern workplace. More effort is needed to maintain a healthy employer-employee relationship. To efficiently manage all this and more, as your organization's HR manager, you may need the help of a comprehensive HR management tool such as HR.WP ERP Human Resource Management.

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Do you have questions about which HR best practices are beneficial for your business? Let us know in the comments section!

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